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A common complaint--among many--of AVPR was that the film was so blasted dark that NONE of the creatures could be seen in any detail, especially the long-anticipated Pred-Alien. Wait no longer (mostly). While prepping for a portion of the "rooftop fight", Alec Gillis recorded almost every square inch of the Pred-Alien with Tom Woodruff, Jr. inside the suit. Keep in mind that the creature was never intended to be seen in the wide angles you'll see in this footage; it was proportioned to look good from the waist up. Ironically, the footage here that best features the Pred-Alien was damaged from the cold Vancouver weather of this December night shoot, so the first few minutes have some skips and skates. Just check out the breath from both Tom and Predator performer Ian Whyte if you doubt it--it was damn cold!

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